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    At present the members of Association carrying out their foreign-economic activity in the direction of the ITC-5 have initiated establishment of a commodity exchange on the border with the UN.  The commodity exchange should become an efficient tool for activating barter operations between the countries of the UN and the CIS.



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          With the purpose of strengthening the positions of domestic transport at the international market and taking into consideration joining the European Union by Ukraine’s neighbour-states, and also persistent intentions of Ukraine to enter the WTO, a number of leading Transcarpathian transport companies created the Union of Ukrainian Transport Companies in 2005.

 The Union’s strategic activity is directed to a comprehensive facilitation of the national transport system’s integration into the international transport market; harmonization of the national legislation with European one; entrance into the system of international labour distribution on equal rights; provision of a free cargo transit; efficient functioning of the national network of the international transport corridors in accordance with the world standards with integral cargo servicing.


The Association ‘EAUTC’ has worked out the Conception of Establishment of the International Transport-Logistic Center (ITLC) in Chop (at the territory of Ukraine) on the border with the EU.



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